Help Wanted

Help Wanted

The below items are areas that the MSE community could use your help. Since we do not have a dedicated templating staff, all templates are user driven and designed. Take a look at the needs of the community and if you wish to help out post in the Development forum.

Templates Needed

  • Theros Gods w/ correct coloring in sparkles
  • Theros Gods tokens
  • Theros Face the Hydra deck cards and tokens
  • Dragon's Maze Fuse Split

Forum Moderator

The forums are quite messy right now. I am also not very happy with the current structure of the forums, in many cases it is not clear what goes where. Your task will also be to lead the reorganization of the forum.

For question and answer type threads there should be a way to mark threads as resolved, perhaps putting [RESOLVED] in the title.

While the forum is an important aspect of the MSE community it is not all of it. There may be other ways to improve the community, the spirit, etc. You can try to come up with ways of improving the involvement of the community in the project. I know it sounds vague :). Take for example the documentation section, it is a wiki, you know!

Task overview:

  • Reorganize forum structure
  • Move threads to conform to the structure
  • Make protocol for resolving threads
  • Close and move threads as appropriate
  • Come up with other ideas to improve the MSE community


  • Willing and able to invest time regularly to keep the forum clean
  • Good people skills to prevent fights, etc. :)

Website Improvement

Currently this site lacks current screenshots, feature lists, user stories, example pictures, etc. Maybe there should also be some changes in how the menu on the left is organized? Feel free to come with proposals.

In general the website looks quite dull, it would be great if you could add some graphics or otherwise improve the look and feel of the site.

Task overview:

  • Add some sales pitch, without making it sound like marketing drivel
  • Propose changes to improve the look and feel of the website


  • Artistic skills


The documentation is still lacking in a lot of places. We don't need a help file that says "To copy text, click copy", everybody knows that. Instead the FAQ is an important place to update, as well as HOWTOs for more complex tasks such as modifying the templates and adding keywords. A lot of this information can be found on the forum, but it is not available in a central location. The current FAQ is also missing structure, there should be some distinction between Magic related questions, general questions, etc.

Documentation Required:

  • Coming soon...

People Who Understand MSE Code

Currently, very few understands the source code of MSE. MSE2 was a big project, with 27000 lines of source code at the last counting. It would be great if there was someone who could at least get a basic grasp of how the code works. It would be even better if that someone could start submitting patches for longstanding issues. Work is also needed to improve the portability, to make a Mac and Linux version.

MSE is written in C++ (starting from version 0.3.0). The good itself has fairly good doxygen documentation, so it should not be too hard to get started.


  • Strong knowledge of C++
  • Probably: knowledge of boost and wxWidgets.
  • Probably: knowledge of how the MSE template system and scripting works.
  • Willing to invest a lot of time in understanding something someone else wrote.


If you want to help with any of the above areas you can start discussing in the appropriate thread or send a message to the Site Administration.

You can discuss this message in the help wanted forum.

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