Forum Rules and Guidelines

Forum Rules and Guidelines

Generally, these forums are very relaxed and laid back; not strict like some other forums. Obeying the rules, however, is still of the utmost importance. They are here not only to keep good order and respect in the forums but also to ensure that the use of this program does not step on the toes of Wizards of the Coast who owns the rights to all Magic the Gathering properties. These rules are not all inclusive, and are subject to the discretion and interpretation of the forum staff. Changes may be made at any time, and the staff reserves the right to warn, suspend, or ban a user for a reasonable purpose at any time.

The Rules
Accumulating three (3) warnings for breaking the rules can result in account suspension, regardless of severity.

Bans are extremely rare, and are handled on an individual basis based on the
nature of the offense and ability of the user to correct his or her behavior.

  1. Obey the staff. When a moderator tells you to do something, comply. If you do not agree you can discuss it via PM or e-mail with the staff, but in the meantime, do as they say.
  2. Do not backseat moderate. Backseat moderation is defined as posting in a manner that implies the tone or authority of being a staff member when you are not a staff member. If you are not a member of the forum staff, it is not your place to correct other members or remind them to follow the rules, regardless of good intentions. Doing so can result in hurt feelings or frustration, and cause the real staff members more work in cleaning up your mess in the chance that you are incorrect. If anyone has a question asking for clarification of the rules, it is also not your place to tell them.
  3. Be respectful. This means no flaming, no rudeness, and no cursing. If you cannot post politely, you should reconsider posting. It is also unacceptable to "troll," or try to goad someone into an argument.
  4. The forums are not for users to profit from. If you intend to turn a profit off of a project, you should probably be prepared to invest the money to start your own website. The forums are not to be used for advertising.
  5. Always credit the illustrator or copyright owner when posting images. When posting renders of a card this must appear on the render itself (most templates provide a space for this), or if the illustration stands alone then immediately before or after it within the same post. If the illustrator is unknown, a copyright holder may be credited instead. If you do not know the illustrator or copyright holder, you should google the filename or use Tineye. A web address or simply "Google images" is unacceptable. Any images that have been altered by another source other than the originator should credit the original modified by the source that modified it. This rule also applies for set files posted on the site.
  6. Don't abuse the private message system. It is a privilege, not a right. If a user is abusing the system and word reaches the staff, the staff will not hesitate to shut-off the PM system for the abusing user. It should not be used to do anything that would be breaking the rules if it were public.
  7. Do not post pornography, obscene images, or links to them. Clothing in fantasy games tend to be a little risqué, but that's no excuse to ignore common decency. Everyone needs to be wearing something.
  8. Do not commit or promote counterfeiting real cards or set symbols. A counterfeit card is any near to exact replica of an existing card (it is at staff discretion whether or not a card is an intended counterfeit.) Proxies are allowed so long as they feature something new such as new art, different template, new set symbol, etc. This also means that "reprints" of existing cards are allowed in custom sets that you might display or submit on these boards. Any discussion of making counterfeits of existing cards will not be tolerated. Users are not allowed to recreate or use official magic set symbols.
  9. Do not make any attempt to pass off a custom design as a real card. Cards designed from this program are for private use and should not be used to pass off as a real card i.e. as a "fake spoiler" or something of that nature. This is a deceitful misuse of the program and will not be tolerated.
  10. Other forums may have specific rules; those rules will be stickied to the top of those forums.

Other Guidelines
These are not strictly enforced rules, but are considered decency when posting.

  1. Only post bug reports related to the newest version of the program. The problem might already be solved. When posting bug reports, the more information you give, the better. Try to give complete error messages, and if possible, directions for how to replicate the error.
  2. When starting a new thread for discussing spoilers of products being released by a company, please include "spoilers" in the title, along with the name of the set the spoilers pertain to. When posting spoilers in a thread that was not made for spoilers, you should utilize spoiler tags. To use spoiler tags, type "[‍spoiler]insert spoiled info here[‍/spoiler]". Also, use spoiler tags when posting card renders or very large amounts of text. More formatting tips, including a list of smileys, may be found here.
  3. When giving critique on cards being showcased, try to give constructive criticism, something the designer can use. Try to be concrete, "this card costs too little, compare it with XXX" is better than "this card is overpowered" or "this card sucks". Imagine what kinds of comments you would like to get if you were showing your own cards.
  4. Try to post threads in their appropriate forums. If you get confused or make a mistake, its okay; it can be fixed. But try to choose correctly.
  5. If you have a question, you should always try searching for the answer. There's a search bar on every page, and it can save others the time of typing out lengthy responses to questions that are already answered.
  6. All posters should try to stay on topic. It is understandable that sometimes off-topic discussion happens, but it shouldn't happen to the point that it takes over the thread.
  7. Do not resurrect dead topics without a good reason. This is also known as "necroing." If a thread has been inactive for more than one (1) month, let it stay inactive unless it is your thread and you are bringing new information or your post brings up important new, relevant information and provokes further discussion. "Bumping" a dead thread will result in your post deleted and potentially locking the thread. Forum games and personal sets (if yours) or community sets are an exception to this rule.
  8. Avoid using large or flashy images in your signature. These can be very distracting, and make the page load slower.
  9. Be careful when linking to images on other sites. Some sites do not appreciate this action and will "swap" the images for advertisements or "no leech notices". If this happens, you will be held responsible for the content of the post as if you posted the image that they swapped in for the leeched image. If you want to post an image, it is best to post it on an image hosting site.
  10. Any world settings, cards, keywords, etc posted here are considered public knowledge and may be used by other users without permission. Although it is considered proper to speak with the originator and give credit when using someone else's idea it is not required. Also, it is quite possible that to talented creative people might come up with the same idea. There is no reason to get upset about this.

If there are any concerns about these rules or guidelines, whether you think something is incorrect and needs to be revised or if you think something should be added, contact the administrators or start a thread about it in the website forum.