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A forum used by the staff to make announcements to the community. Check here for what's new! Please don't create threads here.
34 284 4 weeks 10 hours ago
by TheMartianGeek
Get some information on the forums here before you post and introduce yourself to the community!
15 485 2 years 14 weeks ago
by Guitarweeps
This forum is for containing the various additional downloads for Magic Set Editor, such as templates and games.
54 1168 5 days 9 hours ago
by Theaxolotl
A forum for the discussion and development of documentation for MSE. New documentation and tutorials can be posted here.
36 378 4 weeks 3 days ago
by TheMartianGeek
How can you help MSE? Read the request for help first.
52 297 20 weeks 3 days ago
by isaac the awesome
Development of the Magic Set Editor program.
216 3787 1 week 10 hours ago
by Mrchristianpunk
Suggestions, questions, etc. related to the MSE website and its further development.
150 1124 4 weeks 5 days ago
by Nazsmith
Questions and discussions related to the develoment and modification of game, style, and export templates. This forum is also the place to request new templates.
1392 15170 12 hours 54 min ago
by Pichoro
Discuss problems with using the MSE program, downloads, templates, etc. Also, report any bugs in the Magic Set Editor program here.
1884 12327 6 days 6 hours ago
by Zac Quicksilver
Forum games where users can participate alongside other users to put to test their design skills.
288 71184 4 hours 21 min ago
by yoshi2001
For official Card of the Week Contest threads. Do not create a thread in this forum.
136 11108 6 min 21 sec ago
by Nazsmith
For all Battle Board threads.
234 22203 17 hours 6 min ago
by fluffyDeathbringer
For all Planar Duels threads.
77 1810 15 weeks 1 day ago
by Styx2319
This is a forum where you can post new ideas to get feedback, help with worldbuilding, and so on. When the set is completed than you can post it in the Showcase.
283 4940 24 min 24 sec ago
by Neottolemo
A forum for working together to develop new sets of cards. Sets should only be here if they are community projects.
259 17616 1 day 1 hour ago
by digiman619
This is the forum for everything related to the MSE Community Set Design. This should be used only for threads on this project. Any user-led projects should be posted in Community Projects.
12 149 9 weeks 3 days ago
by Nazsmith
This is the forum for design of the Ashura block.
136 2943 2 hours 58 min ago
by Horizons
A forum showcasing your completed projects only. Projects that are works in progress should be hosted in the Starting Projects or Community Projects forum.
1624 35847 1 hour 32 min ago
by Timespiraled
Want to know if your card is balanced? Costing is right? Feedback on a new mechanic? Need to get the wording down? Post it here for other MSE users to help out!
210 15046 16 hours 47 min ago
by WindyDelcarlo
This forum is for topics that help in designing cards, world building, organizing sets, etc. Meant to be an area to post topics to help others in the community.
56 1066 13 hours 36 min ago
by jceddy
A forum for discussing or showcasing custom made games.
29 165 4 weeks 6 days ago
by Neottolemo
This forum is for games not listed elsewhere in the forums.
16 53 4 days 1 hour ago
by WindyDelcarlo
This forum is for discussion on the Pokémon game and showcasing any cards you have designed.
12 17 5 weeks 4 days ago
by Pinkzeppelincult
A forum for showing discussing the VS System, showcasing cards you've made with the program, as well as for hosting threads where you are developing your own set.
34 106 21 weeks 4 days ago
by LazyBlackGuy
A forum for discussing Yu-Gi-Oh, showcasing cards you have made with the program, and hosting a thread for a set you have made.
14 24 1 year 11 weeks ago
by PKOmega
Threads about sites and programs that work alongside Magic Set Editor belong here.
38 358 31 weeks 5 days ago
by Anuttymous
A subforum for LackeyCCG discussion and format documentation.
7 857 7 hours 27 min ago
by justnobody
A forum for the discussion of topics not related to Magic Set Editor 2.
496 10601 4 days 6 hours ago
by Cajun
A forum to discuss non-design Magic the Gathering topics.
69 10106 57 min 57 sec ago
by Daij_Djan
Want to have a prerelease or release event for your set? Post the information here for other users to join.
43 1302 5 weeks 3 hours ago
by HerzinthTheDark
Post a challenge or play test invite for the dueling arena or third party system. May the best mage win!
11 278 1 year 27 weeks ago
by Kixleart
Here is where you can play out games in the forum. Despite the name, multiplayer is also welcome. May the best mage win!
56 2127 1 year 2 weeks ago
by Korakhos
This forum is for playtesting games which can then be tracked for set analysis. This should only be used for custom sets or projects.
65 2611 9 weeks 4 hours ago
by The5lacker