NOTE: MSE is intended for creating custom cards only, and should not be used to attempt the creation or distribution of counterfeits of real items produced by Wizards of the Coast or other companies. Nor should any custom cards generated be passed off as if they are real in any setting.

Program files

There is a problem with Windows XP Service Pack 3 and any version of Windows thereafter treating the Program Files as read-only. Please install Magic Set Editor somewhere other than Program Files, e.g. your desktop, to avoid potential errors.

Magic Set Editor 2
Windows installer for Magic Set Editor 2. Contains templates for:
  • Magic the Gathering
    • Before 8th edition
    • After 8th edition
    • Flip cards (new style)
    • Split cards (old and new style)
    • Tokens (old and new style) *
    • Textless cards (new style)
    • Promotional cards (new style) *
    • Extended art cards (new style) *
    • Planeshifted cards
    • Futureshifted cards (from Future Sight) *
    • Planeswalkers *
    • Counters *
    • Vanguard *
  • VS System
    • Standard style (both old and new dual styles)
    • Extended art promotional *
    • Hellboy style *
    • New style *
  • Yu-Gi-Oh
* = only in full version
Note: this download doesn't work under windows 9x, see below
Version: 2.0.0
Release date: 2011-02-05
Windows 9x fix
To make Magic Set Editor 2 work on windows 95/98/ME you need this replacement file.
First use the normal installer, then replace the mse.exe file with this one.
Version: 2.0.0
Release date: 2011-02-05
The Linux version has not been functional for a good while. Please attempt to compile MSE instead by using the Subversion command underneath "Source Code".
Linux Version
A Magic Set Editor 2 version for Linux.
If you are having trouble running the install script for MSE, please delete lines 20-26 of the install script (the two if blocks).
Version: 2.0.0
Release date: 2011-02-05
Source code
The full source code to Magic Set Editor is available through subversion.
svn co magicseteditor
Older versions
Older versions of Magic Set Editor (2 only), and source code.

Additional Templates

For more templates, please visit the Additional Templates section of our site.

Other files

Files not directly related to Magic Set Editor

Template construction kit
A template for making good looking 8th edition card backgrounds for use in MSE The template requires Photoshop or a compatible program.

I made the templates with Corel Photopaint, so there may be some compatability issues, in particular the "whiteness", "pt-box whiteness" and "pt-box border whiteness" should be set to the "add" merge mode.

Just change the background image, and the hue of the borders, textbox, textbox borders, and p/t box background.