Data type: Field value

Data type: Field value


A value is something that is 'stored in' a field.

Values are part of the style triangle:

Description Looks Data
Game Stylesheet Set
Field Style Value

Possible types

The type of a value depends on the corresponding field:

Field type Value data type Description
"text" tagged string A piece of text, possibly with markup.
"choice" string One of the choices of the field.
"multiple choice" string A list of choices from the field, separated by commas.
For example: "red, green, blue".
"package choice" Name of a package The (file)name of a package, including the extension.
"boolean" "yes" or "no" This can be directly used as a boolean value in scripts.
"image" filename Filename of an image file in the set package.
"symbol" filename Filename of a symbol file in the set package.
When accessed from a script, image fields can be directly used as images.
"color" opaque color A color.
"info" string A label for the information box.


For the field:

	type: choice
	name: card color
	choice: red
	choice: green
	choice: blue

A value could be:

card color: red