Data type: symbol part

Data type: symbol part


A part of a symbol, corresponds to an item you see in the list on the left of the editor.


Property Type Default Description
type One of:
  • shape
  • group
  • symmetry
"shape" What type of symbol part is this?
name string "" The name of this part, for the part list.

The rest of the properties depends on the type.

Type Property Type Default Description
"shape" combine symbol combine "overlap" How to combine the shape with those below it?
points list of control points The points that form this shape
"symmetry" kind rotation or reflection "rotation" What kind of symmetry is this?
copies number 2 How many times is the original copied (including the original itself)?
center 2D-vector Coordinates of the center of symmetry.
handle 2D-vector Direction perpendicular to the 'mirror' (this is a direction, so relative to the center).
"group" and "symmetry" parts list of symbol parts Parts in this group.


Look at a symbol file made with the program.