Data type: statistics category

Data type: statistics category

not used since 0.3.6


A category in the statistics panel. This is a single choice in the list on the left of that panel.

Statistics dimensions are automatically generated for all statistics dimensions a game.


Property Type Default Description
name string required Name of this category.
description string "" A description of the category, currently not used.
position hint string 0 Hint for ordering category, lower numbers are at the top of the list.
icon filename Filename of an icon for this category, the image should be 21x21 pixels.
type graph type "bar" Type of graph to use.
dimensions list of names of statistics dimensions Dimensions for the axes of the graph.
The number of dimensions must be the same as that needed for the graph type.


A graph with power on the horizontal axis, toughness on the vertical axis:

statistics category:
	name: power/toughness
	type: scatter
	dimension: power
	dimension: toughness