File type: Set

File type: Set


Sets are part of the style triangle:

Description Looks Data
Game Stylesheet Set
Field Style Value

Package format

A set is described in a package with the .mse-set file extension, such a package contains a data file called set.


Property Type Default Description
Common to all packages
mse version version required Version of MSE this set is made with.
short name string file name Name of this set.
depends on list of dependencies Packages this package depends on.
Specific to sets
game Name of a game required The game this set is made for.
stylesheet Name of a stylesheet required The default style for drawing cards in this set.
This is without the game name or extension, so "new" refers to the package "gamename-new.mse-style".
set info field map of values The data for the set fields defined in the game.
styling map of field maps of values Data for the 'extra fields' of the stylesheet.
This is first indexed by stylesheet name, then by field name.
Data is given not only for the set's stylesheet but also for those of cards.
cards cards The cards in the set.
keywords keywords The custom keywords in the set.
pack types list of pack types
since 0.3.8
The custom card pack types in the set.


If the game looks like:

mse version: 0.3.4
name: my game
set field:
	name: copyright
	type: text
card field:
	name: card name
	type: text
card field:
	name: power
	type: text

The the a set file would looks like:

mse version: 0.3.4
game: my game
name: my set
set info:
	copyright: something
extra set info:
	name of style:
		name of field: something
	card name: first card
	power: 100
	card name: second card
	power: 50