Collection type: List

Collection type: List

File syntax

In files a list is represented as multiple keys, one for each element. The keys are all in the singular for of the name of the list, if the list is named for instance symbols each key will be named symbol.

	# first symbol here
	# second symbol here
# etc.

Script syntax

In a script lists can be declared using square brackets.

 []    # An empty list
 [1]   # A list with a single element, the value 1
 [1,2] # A list with two elements

Lists can be accessed using either the bracket operator, or the dot operator. The first element of a list is numbered 0, the next 1, etc.

 list.0    # The first element of the list 'list'
 list[0]   # The same thing
 list[0+0] # The same thing

It is possible to iterate over lists using the for each construct:

 for each x in [1,2,3] do "x = {x}. "

evaluates to:

 "x = 1. x = 2. x = 3. "


There are several functions for working with lists:

position Find the position of an element in a list
number_of_items Return the number of items in a list
sort_list Sort a list
filter_list Filter a list, keeping only elements that match a predicate