Data type: keyword

Data type: keyword


A keyword in a set or a game.

A keyword is something that matches a piece of text, and optionally some kind of reminder text can be shown.


Property Type Default Description
keyword string required Name of the keyword.
match string required String to match.
reminder scriptable string required Script to generate the reminder text of this keyword.
rules string "" Explanation or additional rules for this keyword.
mode Name of a keyword mode Mode of this keyword.

The match string can include parameters, "<atom-param>type</atom-param>" where "type" is the name of a keyword parameter type in the game. These will match according to the match property of that parameter type.

When expanding the reminder text param1 refers to the first parameter in the match string, param2 to the second, etc.


	keyword: Equip
	match: Equip <atom-param>cost</atom-param>
	mode: core
	reminder: {param1}: Attach to target creature you control. Equip only as a sorcery.