Primitive type: image

Primitive type: image

Images are generated using scripts.

It is either given using a filename or as the output of a function.

File syntax

The syntax for files is similair to that of scriptable properties:

 image: image.png
 image: { "image.png" }
 image: { linear_blend(...) }

Script syntax

Filenames are implicitly converted to images as needed.

See also

The following functions transform images:

linear_blend Blend two images together using a linear gradient.
masked_blend Blend two images together using a third mask image.
combine_blend Blend two images together using a given combining mode.
set_mask Set the transparancy mask of an image.
set_alpha Change the transparency of an image.
set_combine Chnage how the image should be combined with the background.
enlarge Enlarge an image by putting a border around it.
crop Crop an image, giving only a small subset of it.
drop_shadow Add a drop shadow to an image.
symbol_variation Render a variation of a symbol.
built_in_image Return an image built into the program.