File type: Game

File type: Game


Games are part of the style triangle:

Description Looks Data
Game Stylesheet Set
Field Style Value

Games provide the description, i.e. what kinds of things are on a card.

Package format

A game is described in a package with the .mse-game file extension. Such a package contains a data file called game that has the following properties.


Property Type Default Description
Common to all packages
mse version version required Version of MSE this game is made for.
short name string file name A short name of this game, for the 'new set' list.
full name string file name A longer name of this game.
icon filename none Filename of an icon / preview for this game, for the 'new set' list.
position hint number Where to place this item in the 'new set' list? Lower numbers come first.
version version 0.0.0 Version number of this package.
depends on list of dependencies Packages this package depends on.
Specific to games
init script script ; Script to run when this game is loaded,
can set variables to be used by other scripts in this game or stylesheets using it.
set fields list of fields Fields for the styling panel.
default set style field map of styles Default style for the set fields, can be overridden by the stylesheet.
card fields list of fields Fields for each card.
card list color script script from fields Script that determines the color of an item in the card list.
If not set uses the card list colors property of the first card field that has it.
statistics dimensions list of statistics dimensions from fields Dimensions for statistics, a dimension is roughly the same as an axis.
By default all card fields with 'show statistics' set to true are used.
statistics categories list of statistics categories from dimensions
not used since 0.3.6
Choices shown on the statistics panel.
By default all statistics dimensions are used.
pack types list of pack types
since 0.3.7
The types of card packs that will be listed on the random booster panel.
has keywords boolean false Does this game use keywords? Should the keywords tab be available?
keyword match script script ; Script to apply to the match property of keywords.
keyword modes list of keyword modes Choices for the 'mode' property of keywords.
keyword parameter types list of keyword param types Types of parameters available to keywords.
keywords list of keywords Standard keywords for this game.
word lists list of word lists Word lists that can be used by text fields.
add cards script list of add cards scripts
since 0.3.7
A list of scripts for conveniently adding multiple cards to a set.


Look at the game files in the standard MSE distribution for examples.