Data type: font

Data type: font


A reference to a normal font for drawing text.


Property Type Default Description
name scriptable string required Name of the font as it appears in most text programs.
italic name scriptable string Optionally, a different font to use for italic text instead of the normal italic version of the font.
size scriptable real number required Size of the font in points on a 96 DPI display.
scale down to real number Minimum size in points to scale the size down to.
max stretch real number 1.0 Maximum multiplier by which the width of the text is compressed, so max width: 0.5 means the text can be compressed to half the normal width.
weight scriptable font weight "normal" Weight of the font, one of "normal" or "bold". This can be changed locally by tags.
style scriptable font style "normal" Style of the font, one of "normal" or "italic". This can be changed locally by tags.
underline scriptable boolean false Should the font be underlined?
color scriptable color rgb(0,0,0) What color should text be drawn in?
shadow color scriptable color "transparent" Color for a shadow below the text.
shadow displacement x real number 0 Relative position of the shadow in pixels.
shadow displacement y real number 0
shadow blur real number 0 How much should the shadow be blurred?
separator color color rgba(0,0,0,128) Color for <sep-soft> tags inserted by the combined_editor function.


	name: Times new Roman
	size: 17
	weight: bold
	color: rgb(0,0,0)