Data type: card

Data type: card


A card in a set.


Property Type Default Description
stylesheet Name of a stylesheet none Use a different stylesheet for this card than the set's default.
has styling boolean false This card has styling data different from the set's default.
styling data field map of values false Styling data, based on the stylesheet's style fields.
notes tagged string "" Notes for this card.
time created date now Time at which the card was created.
time modified date now Time at which the card was last modified.
extra data map of field maps of values Data for the 'extra card fields' of the stylesheet.
This is first indexed by stylesheet name, then by field name.
remaining keys field map of values The remaining keys contain the data for the game's card fields.
So for example card.some_field corresponds to the value of the card field some field.


With the following game:

card field:
	type: text
	name: title
card field:
	type: color
	name: card color

A card could look like:

	stylesheet: new
	has styling: false
	notes: This card is not finished yet!
	styling data:
		extra large cards: true
	title: My Card
	card color: rgb(0,128,255)