Data types

Data types

Magic Set Editor uses many data types in the files and in scripting. There are for instance cards in sets, stylesheets describing the layout of fields, etc.

File types

These are the 'major' data types that are written directly to packages.

Game What information is on each card?
Stylesheet What do cards look like?
Set Sets of cards.
Symbol font Fonts consisting of symbols, for instance mana symbols.
Export template How to export sets to HTML files?
Locale Translations of MSE.
Include Files to include in other templates.
Installer Installers containing several packages.
Symbol Expansion symbols.
Settings MSE settings.

Compound types

These contain several properties, similair to the file types. But they are part of some other file type.

field A field description for cards.
style The styling and positioning of a field.
value The value in a field, for a particular card.
card A card containing values.
keyword A keyword.
keyword mode A possible mode for keywords.
keyword param type A type of parameters for keywords.
statistics dimension A dimension for the statistics panel.
statistics category A category for the statistics panel.
word list A list of words that can be used for a drop down list in text fields.
add cards script A script for convienently adding multiple cards to a set.
font Description of a font.
symbol part Part of a symbol.
control point A point on in a symbol part.

Collection types

list Lists of items
  • item
  • item
  • item
field map Lists indexed by field name
map Lists indexed by other text

Script related

script A script to execute to update a field, or for initialization.
scriptable A primitive type whose value can depend on a script.
image An image defined by a script.
function Functions in scripts. These have no direct representation in a file.


alignment Alignment of text and images.
direction Direction of text.
combine How to combine images with the background.
symbol combine How to combine symbol shapes with the background.
graph type Type of statistics graphs.

Primitive types

string Text, "abc"
tagged string Text with tags
filename Filenames
regex Regular expression strings
boolean true or false
number Integer numbers, 1, 2, 100
real number Real numbers, 1, 0.5, 21.3
version Version numbers
color Colors
date Dates/times