Function: to_string

Function: to_string

since 0.3.7


 to_string(any value)

Convert any value to a string representation.

The to_string function should not be confused with to_text. The former converts things like number to string, while the latter removes tags from a tagged string.


Parameter Type Description
input any type Value to convert to a string
format optional Formatting to apply.
This takes the same form as printf format specifiers.
When formating a date, the format string takes the same form as strftime format specifiers.


 to_string(to_color("blue"))       == "rgb(0,0,255)"
 to_string(10 + 20)                == "30"
 to_string(10 + 20, format: ".3f") == "30.000"
 to_string(10 + 20, format: "x")   == "1e" # hexadecimal notation
 to_string("xy", format: "3s")     == " xy"
 to_string(to_date("2008-12-31 23:59:59"), format:"%d/%m/%y") == "31/12/08"