Function: remove_choice

Function: remove_choice


 remove_choice(choice: some_strings, some_multiple_choice_value)

Deselect the given choice(s) from a multiple choice value, returns the new value.

If a choice is not selected it is ignored.


Parameter Type Description
input string Multiple choice value to look update.
choice string Choice to remove.
choice1 string Remove multiple choices.
choice2 string etc.


 remove_choice(choice: "red",  "red")        ==  ""
 remove_choice(choice: "red",  "blue")       ==  "blue"
 remove_choice(choice: "red",  "red, blue")  ==  "blue"
 remove_choice(choice: "blue", "red, blue")  ==  "red"
 remove_choice(choice1: "red", choice2: "green", "red, blue")  ==  "blue"

See also

require_choice Require that at least one of the given choices is selected.
exclusive_choice Require that at most one of the given choices is selected.
require_exclusive_choice Require that exactly one of the given choices is selected.