Function: masked_blend

Function: masked_blend


 masked_blend(light: image, dark: image, mask: image)

Blend two images together using a third as a mask. On pixels the mask is white the 'light' image is used, where the mask is black the 'dark' image is used. For grey pixels the images are blended.

The images must have the same size.


Parameter Type Description
light image Image for the light colores in the mask
dark image Image for the dark colores in the mask
mask image Mask image that selects between the two images


 masked_blend(light: "image1.png", dark: "image2.png", mask: "image3.png")  ==  [[Image]]
 masked_blend(light: "image1.png", dark: "image2.png", mask: "image3.png") == "image_masked_blend.png"

See also

linear_blend Blend two images together using a linear gradient.
combine_blend Blend two images together using a given combining mode.