Function: combined_editor

Function: combined_editor


 forward_editor(field: some_text_value)
 combined_editor(field1: some_text_value, field2: some_text_value, ..., separator1: some_string, ...)

Use one text field to edit one or more others.

This function must be used in the script of a text field. This field will then contain the combined values of the given fields, separated by the separators in <sep> tags. When the field changes the underlying values are updated and vice versa.

Note: forward_editor and combined_editor are the same function.


Parameter Type Default Description
field text value Text value to edit
field1 text value Another text value to edit
field2 text value etc.
separator string Separator between field 1 and 2
separator1 string Multiple separators
separator2 string Next separator, etc.
prefix string optional Prefix before the combined editor; like a separator between the start and the first field.
suffix string optional Suffix after the combined editor; like a separator between the last field and the end.
hide when empty boolean false Don't include separators if the entire value is empty.
soft before empty boolean false Make separators 'soft' when the value following it is empty. Soft separators are hidden by default and shown grayed when the field is selected.


card field:
			field1: card.first_part
			separator: " - "
			field2: card.second_part

Forwarding just one field should be used in cases when two fields share a value, or when sometimes multiple fields are combined. For example the Magic uses:

 if set.include_automatic_card_numbers then
   combined_editor(field1:    card.copyright,
                   separator: "/",
                   field2:    card.card_number)
   forward_editor(field: card.copyright)